Family Tree

18 by 24 by 1 in.
Acrylic on Canvas

Description:  Tree silhouetted against the sunset on a prairie field on a ranch near Rosemary, Alberta.

Artist's Comments:  The evening was quiet, sky was brilliant and the tree was massive.

Standing Alone

16 by 20 by 1 in.
Oil on Canvas

Description:  Oil Painting in Black and white and grey tones of one lone dying tree in a field of not much else around it. Near Lathom, Alberta

Riding West

It’s not every day that a man comes along and is the perfect subject to photograph; include in some paintings along with; his ranch life and surroundings.  Whether he is riding a tractor, a horse or a Harley, the subject is appealing to the Artists’ eyes.  Such events as branding, moving cattle t


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