Strathcona Spirits

48 by 36 by 1 in.
Acrylic on Canvas

I painted this scene which is one of a set of three paintings all done in 3 days (and nights).  It represents the love of a mother for her children (mother holding one child at the top of the waterfall and the second child has decided to venture out into the world (bottom of water fall).  The mother calls to the spirits to care for her children along the way and the water’s ripples are the pages of the children’s life.  The other two are called Resting Place and Watching.  Upon their completion I made a trip to the Federation of Canadian Artists to see if they were worthy of jury and they were passed by the judging.

Artist's Comments:  Inspiration for this painting came from a trip to Strathcona Park on Vancouver Island. The majestic waterfall, the rugged rock cliffs with a naturally hidden face, aided to the powerful serenity of the area.

Acrylic Painting done on Canvas. Limited Edition Prints - Giclee on Canvas (100) and on Matte acid free paper (150), unframed for Sale.  Inquire for Price.

Completion Date: 
Monday, March 11, 2002
Limited Edition Print: 

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